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Getting the drop.

I just found a fantastic service that touches on the promises of the cloud. I'm tired of the Gdrive rumors - this is ready to go out of the box.  I love box.net and have posted about it before, but dropbox is waaay better. Check it out.  Not only can you store your files on the web, but you sync files between computers and even recover previous versions of files!

Add user blog submenu in Drupal

I've been playing with seriously researching this for a bit and I found a solution to my problem. I am setting up a Drupal site for our library and wanted to have submenus for each individual blog under the blog primary menu. I may just be daft for not being able to find this on Drupal.org, but instead stumbled upon a solution on my own.

OSS Freedom!

I came to a sudden realization recently and it can be expressed easily: I started using OSS because it was free, using OSS has made me free. (I'm finally getting what RMS means by free software!) I just gave a round table presentation at the OLA (Oklahoma Library Association) conference titled OSS onramp, and I am relieved to have it over and quite excited with the feedback from it. The round table featured my fellow students from last semester who had used OSS in their projects.

Manifesto 2.0

I've mentioned before that this blog is part of my graduate coursework for Design and Implementation of Web-Based Information Services. This class focuses on Web 2.0 and by extension library 2.0 and all the other 2.0s out there. The real change from web 1.0 to web 2.0 is the move from static, authoritative content to dynamic, collaborative content with no clear authority. One example of web 2.0 is Wikipedia which is a collaboratively edited encyclopaedia with no clear authority control, but which produces surprisingly authoritative content.


Banned Books Week is coming up: Sept. 29th through October 6th and this year you can celebrate your right to read at your local library AND on SL (and teen SL). Here's a bit from the ALA OIF announcement made yesterday.
Second Life/Teen Second Life: To tie in with this year’s theme of “Aye, mateys…celebrate your freedom t' read!,” ALA has created a “Pirate Paradise” in Second Life (SL), a 3D virtual world complete with pirate ship and a wharf with interactive displays on banned books.


My name is Steven D. Shelton and this website is a project for a graduate class at the University of Oklahoma. The course is Design and Implementation of Web-Based Information Services and our instructor is Dr. Betsy Van der Veer Martens. This is my first real blog. For insight on the blog name, check out my first posting.  My plan is to discuss aspects of technology in libraries and likely quite a bit about Open Source Software (OSS).
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