Summary of Candidate's Directed Service

Web Development/Applications:

  • PHP template PHP template - An important consideration in all of the projects that follow is the consistency of the user experience. One of my first tasks was to recreate the Dreamweaver template in a different format to be used for the dynamic content I created.
    • Created a header and footer to provide  a 'sandwich' for dynamic content created in PHP. One advantage of this system is that any modification of the header or  footer appears across all referring pages instantly.  This method also helps to separate the presentation from the content. This concept is the basis for content management systems and this implementation represents a small move in that direction.
  • KAPI KAPI - -The Kansas Aerial Photography Initiative (KAPI) web interface is ready, but there are still index sheets to convert before the entire collection is represented. 
    • Collaborated with KAPI project team (Dale Askey, Debbie Madsen, Linda Marston and Kathryn Talbot) to determine the needs for a discovery tool for the Kansas Aerial Map Initiative.
    • Created interface using Google Maps API, an interface familiar to many Web users.
    • Created overly with KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files to display available index sheets.
    • The KML file reflecting all holdings can be searched through Google Maps (once finalized and submitted), so users can discover our holdings outside of this specific web site.
    • Created web-based application to create and modify the KML files utilizing PHP and MySQL database.
      • This saves time and helps prevent potential errors that could be introduced when editing files by hand.
    • Created a full-featured user interface per the project team's specifications.
    • Created PHP code to display individual index sheets and order form.
      • Created PHP code to render pages based on user selection.
      • Utilized Zoomify software to display index sheet and allow user to zoom in to specific sections. This software uses Flash (used by 99% of Internet users.)
      • Added navigation tool to allow users to move to other index sheets without going back to the main interface map.
      • Added pop up of index sheet coverage.
      • Added javascript code to give user instant feedback on required fields.
    • Created site-specific question/comment forms that transparently include the referencing page information to aid staff in responses.
    • Worked with Harish Maringanti to secure server space and to migrate site from to
    • Continue, in coordination with student workers, to modify index sheet images, convert them to “zoomify” tiles and upload them.
  • enrollment Enrollment Database - - The Enrollment Database development is influenced by Google's  ‘always in Beta’ concept whereby constant modifications are made to the product over time. I saw room for improvement n this product and and the modifications implemented enhance user experience on the front-end and also increase staff productivity on the back-end. This is still a work in progress and additional features in the works include enhancements for generating reporting data.
    • Front-end:
      • Added template for consistent user experience.
      • Added CSS to separate sections of the content and enhance presentation.
      • Modified PHP code to remove year, show day of week on listing, to show only current or future classes and to display a message when no more classes are available for the current semester.
      • Create PHP script to send a custom email reminder to each enrolled student one day before the class meets.
    • Back-end:
      • Restructured database to separate course and class data so that basic course information is retained from one semester to the next. This enhances staff productivity and reduces chances for data entry errors.
      • Added tabs to narrow scope of classes listed in administration interface.
      • Added instructor and day of week to class listing.
      • Added popup calendar and drop down times to speed data entry and help eliminate possible entry errors.
  • Citation Builder Cite It - - The Cite It citation builder is an example of the power of utilizing open source software to enhance services to our users.
    • Collaborated with Donna Ekart to envision the interface.
    • Utilized PHP template and created tabbed interface to better match the look and feel of the K-State Libraries’ web presence.
    • Modified code to streamline some options and eliminate error messages.
    • Worked with Jenny McCraw Dale to populate fields with sample data.
  • Assignment Planner - :
    • Added template and modified content to fit the template format.
    • Cleaned up directory structure and archived unused files from development phase.
    • Worked with Dhanushka Samarakoon to move site to our in-house server.
    • Modified code to retain user data while navigating through tabs.
    • Added “back” badge graphic to take users back to the original outline while retaining their specific information.
    • Redesigned step 3a to aid users in navigating a a large amount of information by using a graphic of index cards which can be clicked to expand or close.

Usability Team

  • Worked with team members to identify initial test parameters and to create a test instrument.
  • Participated in administering usability testing.


  • Entered data and reporting statistics in collaboration with the Instruction Unit.
  • Taught or assisted in the following course-integrated classes:
  • Taught the following general library instruction classes or tours:
    • Hale Library Tour: 14 tours, 56 students
    • Introduction to Library Research: 4 classes, 19 students.
    • DED075: 2 classes, 31 students.
  • Collaborated with Instruction Unit to create content for the Afghan Modules.
  • Contributed to Short Cuts.

General Reference

  • Participated in bi-weekly General Reference meetings.
  • Worked four hours per week on the help desk and through instant messaging.
  • Volunteered to cover other shifts.


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