Microsoft products on Linux?

Today I read a bit of news from India that caught my eye. Software bonhomie: Microsoft products to operate better on Unix, Linux Could this be more movement toward the tipping point from proprietary to open source software? India is a leader in the use of Open Source software, and for good reason: businesses often can't afford proprietary software and it seems that the growing Indian economy is catching the attention of Microsoft.

Library Computer Guy 101

My first installment of my first blog is intended to be a bit of an introduction and explanation of the moniker "Library Computer Guy." I didn't know this was my name, but apparently everyone thinks this is my name... even me. Let me explain. For the last several years I have worked at a public library in a town of about 15,000. My desk sits out in the middle of the library by the banks and banks of computers that now are a predominant feature of the "connected" library. The first thing anyone sees upon walking through the doors is me, so I get a lot of face time.
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