My name is Steven D. Shelton and this website is a project for a graduate class at the University of Oklahoma. The course is Design and Implementation of Web-Based Information Services and our instructor is Dr. Betsy Van der Veer Martens. This is my first real blog. For insight on the blog name, check out my first posting.  My plan is to discuss aspects of technology in libraries and likely quite a bit about Open Source Software (OSS). I do hope to post humorous observations, howto tutorials and perhaps wax philosophical from time to time.. that reminds me, I need to wax the car. Did I mention I'm easily distracted? I've been involved with computers for many years, but came kicking and screaming, as it were. I used to work with my hands, with physical film and animation stands to create a type of commercial art, but I saw the potential for my craft to be replaced by computers, so I just sat down in front of the beast and learned to live with it. Thank you for visiting, Steven D. Shelton (a.k.a. LCG - the Library Computer Guy)

Amazing how often learn from

Amazing how often learn from others in library school that librarianship is their "second life."

Nearly as often as I hear it from those enrolled in education programs at the university where I work.

Interesting that both of these "callings" have to do with helping others add to their store of knowledge ;-)