The FUN = (getting there)/X

They say that getting there is half the fun. Can we solve for the other half?  I think getting there and knowing how to get there are inseparable assuming one is not ramblin and is instead the type who Never Did No Wandrin'. Typically that means utilizing MapQuest or Google Maps or one of those fancy GPS navigational appliances. I was prompted to write this post because of a recent trip to speak at a round table.  I had dutifully printed off my web directions before checking my notes and jumping in the car to make the estimated 2-hour drive.  It wasn't until I was a quarter way there that I noticed that the printed directions were not in the pile of papers I had grabbed.  Arrgh! What would I do? I stopped at a station to fill up and used the restroom and noticed the automatic features of virtually everything I used in the restroom.  These devices sensed my needs and responded in kind.  Wow! Some day we will forget how to turn on a faucet or flush a toilet I thought as I walked back out to the car.  As the door opened, I saw the maps in the side of the door and thought to myself "... or how to read a map." Yes, the answer was riding along with me.  I could look at the address and find it on a map, which I did and it was quite refreshing while at the same time giving me a better sense of the surrounding area. LCG

[...] I wonder if an external

[...] I wonder if an external device like the iPod will reduce my internal song inventory.  I’ve posted before about how online maps (and autoflush toilets) may be inhibiting our abilities.  (the Luddite [...]