Add user blog submenu in Drupal

I've been playing with seriously researching this for a bit and I found a solution to my problem. I am setting up a Drupal site for our library and wanted to have submenus for each individual blog under the blog primary menu. I may just be daft for not being able to find this on, but instead stumbled upon a solution on my own. So, here it is in case anyone needs this info, or as is more likely - I forget how the heck I did it in the first place. Determine the user node number:
  1. In the administrator account navigate to Administer / User management / Users
  2. Click on user you wish to add to blog submenu.
  3. Note user number in address bar (ex: user/6)
Add the menu:
  1. In an administrator account, navigate to Administer / Site building / Menus / Primary links
  2. Click Add Item
  3. In the Path block, type blog/{the user number} (ie: blog/6)
  4. Add menu link title and description.
  5. Under Parent Item, select Blog and use a weight of 0 for alphabetical listing (the preference of librarians).
  6. Click <Save>
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