Take an Internet Tablet and call me in the morning.

The Nokia Internet Tablet is just what the doctor ordered. Great piece here that expands on what I said in Poor man's iPhone pointing to the Nokia Internet Tablet as an open platform for an iPhone-like experience ... and more. I have the original version of the tablet, the Nokia 770 which I picked up for just over $100.00. The newer version (Nokia 810) is four times that much, but has GPS, a pull out key board, Skype and much more. I took my N770 on a recent trip instead of my laptop and was amazed that with the free wireless at the hotel I was able to do most of the basic tasks I needed (rss reading, email, downloading and listening to podcasts). I don't know that this poor man will be investing in the N810 any time soon, but it really is worth looking into. LCG

I envy you people, this thing

I envy you people, this thing in not for sale (yet) in my part of world :(