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Fort Smith Historical Society Journal discovery interface

Within the first month of starting my position at UAFS - Boreham Library, I was presented with the need to replace a legacy interface built in TWiki that was preventing us from shutting down our old site. Many options were discussed and there was some division among the vested parties and I worked both diplomatically and programmatically to create a solution.

Drupal, Drupal, how does your garden (and userbase) grow?

Drupal is an amazing CMS, but many agree it's hard to use and point to WP as a model for what is easy to use. Well, Drupal (via Acquia) has launched Drupal Gardens and it promises to be an awesome project to bring some non-tech users into the world of Drupal.

Getting the drop.

I just found a fantastic service that touches on the promises of the cloud. I'm tired of the Gdrive rumors - this is ready to go out of the box.  I love and have posted about it before, but dropbox is waaay better. Check it out.  Not only can you store your files on the web, but you sync files between computers and even recover previous versions of files!

The iPod (and other voices) in my head

I am now working on a large university campus and am amazed by the students with iPod buds hanging from their heads.  There's nothing like carrying your soundtrack along with you!

Ohh, Gmail, Save us from our Sends!

E-mail is a wonderful technology which allows for the rapid transmission of messages across the Internet.  The car is also a fantastic technological device for transferring us from one place to another.  Neither should be operated while under the influence of alcohol.  Granted, you may not be endangering the lives of others in a drunken e-mail, but you could certainly be endangering or simply embarrassing yourself.  Don't fret, Gmail has a solution. Eric Raymond, in his definitive wo

The FUN = (getting there)/X

They say that getting there is half the fun. Can we solve for the other half?  I think getting there and knowing how to get there are inseparable assuming one is not ramblin and is instead the type who Never Did No Wandrin'.

ebrary Reader in Linux

Here's a frustrating aspect about ebook technology that is a clear example of technology that does not work and will not be embraced.  Ebrary has a scheme that basically takes the open pdf format and locks it to the browser.  S.R.

outside the box

Image courtesy of Box.netI'm quite excited to share a new service called which allows storage of files on the web along with many other features.  This idea is not new, but the exectution by is quite easy to use (including a drag-and-drop function).  I became interested in the service when I read that gOS and the

Download Day!

Be part of breaking a Guinness World Record and help support free software by pledging to download FireFox 3 on the day it is released. FireFox Download day Mozilla has found many clever ways of getting press for what is arguably the most successful open source project ever.  This matches well with the innovations of the softwar
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